Axitune color-tuning technology

Color-changing technologies made simple

Color-tunable LEDs mark a tremendous evolution in architectural lighting. But with more capability comes more complexity. Axitune technologies are here to make it simple. Our color-capable luminaires have reduced external programming requirements. In addition, they put the intelligence inside to optimize for the features and benefits you need most.

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Color tuning essentials

Greater control at every level

Axitune delivers simplified color tunable LED control in three essential ways:

  1. Dim-to-Warm. As you dim, color goes from cool to warm. No added control is required.
  2. Tunable White. A simple, two-channel control over color warmth and brightness. Simply select color temperature and dim it.
  3. Color Tuning. High-performance color control from high-quality white to deep saturated colors.
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Proven color tuning performance

Color system testing

We put our color tuning systems to the test to ensure they’ll deliver the quality of light that matters most to you. We rigorously measure the reliability of Axitune solutions against a broad range of attributes:

  • Electronics
  • Calibration
  • User Interface and Human Factors
  • CRI
  • Efficiency
  • DUV
  • TM30
  • Controls and Protocols
  • Spectral Power Distribution
Color Wheel

Put our color tuning system to work

How to specify Axitune

When we say this is simple, we mean simple. In fact, our Axitune color systems can be specified in four easy steps:

  1. Select your technology
  2. Select your control option
  3. Select your luminaire
  4. Specify on your fixture cutsheet

To explore each step in detail, download our step-by-step guide.